Room to Grow

by Juniper Ginger

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songs from summer 2019


released August 22, 2019


all rights reserved



Juniper Ginger Portland, Maine

Juniper Ginger is the solo project of Portland, Maine songwriter Alex Millan. Her songs are mostly honest stories about the people and places she encounters. When heard live, sparse accompaniment invites listeners to get lost in the poetry. Juniper Ginger's debut album I Saw The Wreckage was released in November 2016. ... more

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Track Name: Inheritance pt. 1 (Prophetic)
the sun rose in spite of everything
it knocked so I woke, it mocked so I broke
we’d once wagered life on an endless dream
that knocked you back a beat, a cell phone ring

it seems prophetic in the wake of
some simple curses, but I made them all up
my hexing hand was just childhood rage
a teeming temper bleeding through the page
right to the other side

rust orange walls in the apartment
we smoke with windows shut to keep some precedent
and those boxes packed almost ten years in
are the violent past that I’ve inherited
Track Name: Inheritance pt. 2 (Gun)
there’s a bullet buried deep in my inheritance
inside a gun that’s been engraved with my own name
i keep it strapped tight to my hip under my jacket
it killed my father but I won’t end up the same

though I shoot myself in the foot from time to time
and I shoot whiskey when I’m sick of my own mind
and the questions keep me slurring through the day:
what’s unforgivable, and who’s to say?

it got revealed to me, the curse of my own heritage
I was afraid it was a role I’d been assigned
so I played the part a bit too well, if you're asking
but if you ask then I might feel compelled to try
and write an ending that's worth anybody's time

one day I’ll stand above the west ridge of the river
on the bridge that stitches one state to another
I'll feel the life force of the earth staring me down
and I’ll drop my gun straight into the river’s mouth
I’ll drop my gun into the goddamn river’s mouth
Track Name: Room to Grow
pour myself a cup of coffee and feel the wind blow
ash right out the window
I think they like me here
but I don’t know if there's room to grow
breathe in twice, ash out the window

sometimes we sleep with knives
I put a shirt over my eyes to keep the light out
drink a bottle every night to keep the light out
keep the party going fine until it's lights out

on a tuesday in the rain unpacked my bags alone
on a tuesday watched the rain seep in across the crooked kitchen floor
but I think they like me here
so I wrote a simple song
cause I was learning how to use less words
though I found strength in numbers
I felt strength in the numbers
til I found strength in another

for every blacked out night
kept the curtains drawn tight til it was light out
could be better, but I'm doing fine for right now
though I'll be with you if you think the end's in sight now
there's an end in sight now

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