Made of Gold

by Juniper Ginger

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released November 1, 2017

Love songs for hard times.

Juniper Ginger is Alex Millan
with Nikhil Dasgupta on keys

Recorded by Jud Caswell at Frog Hollow Studio in Brunswick, ME

Special thanks to Meagan Ferreira, Jason Lambert, Cheryl Markey, Samantha Duk, Katie Way, Laura Klepinger, Kim Church, Julia Estrada, Julian Haller, & Dave Jacquet


all rights reserved



Juniper Ginger Portland, Maine

Juniper Ginger is the solo project of Portland, Maine songwriter Alex Millan. Her songs are mostly honest stories about the people and places she encounters. When heard live, sparse accompaniment invites listeners to get lost in the poetry. Juniper Ginger's debut album I Saw The Wreckage was released in November 2016. ... more

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Track Name: In Late July
It’s too late to jam, the neighbors will wake up
One well-timed phone call gets me out of bed and into something decent
I’ll find your car outside
We’ll shoot off and make the night feel so alive
And we’ll laugh until the smoke gets in our eyes

Lets go back a bit and set this scene up
Picture yourself eating cupcakes on a bed of woodchips in late July
Somewhere in between 8:00 p.m. or the stroke of midnight
Cast of characters: the four loves of my life

Pick me up at 5:30, it's show time
Black ice and a pack of Benson golds are sure to keep us feeling dreamy
We’re dreamers through and through
Let's get famous, how about let's not go broke
Or let's have no regrets cause I was broke before I met you
Track Name: Made Of Gold
When you're alone with me
Do you feel entirely free?
Is the whole world made of gold
Or dusted in blue, a shade or a hue?
Is it glistening in the daylight?
Blocking the glare in your favorite chair
By the window in this box we share

You're peeking through the door
While I'm emptying out my drawers
Hide my cell phone under blankets
My wallet and watch, my glasses and socks
Does the sight or smell of a suitcase
Make your ears bend, your hair stand on end?
Too old to be fooled again

It's easy to say and hard to do
To spend three weeks apart from you
Oh what I'd do, oh what I'd do to be there

First Friday night in June and I'm getting us ice cream
The only pair of sweatpants on Exchange Street
And all of these people might have someone
There's some that might not
There's some that are always searching
For a dream they woke up from
And struggle to recreate in their day to day

It's easy to say and hard to do
To spend a whole lifetime looking for you
Oh what I'd do, oh what I'd do

It's easy to say and hard to do
To spend a whole lifetime looking for you
Oh what I'd do, oh what I'd do to have you
Track Name: Nipmuck Trail
I’ve been awake now for too long
Silent phone burning holes in my palms
And this perfume on my breath
Says I’m taking this bottle to bed

I’ve been a fool before, it's true
I’ve written verses for a capital U
Who put me through hell and back
I’ve got that track on tape, too

Let out the air and choke the lump
Down your sore throat and cough it up
Onto the banks of the old Fenton
Three miles down, and two more back in

I lost the car an hour ago
With my sense of direction in the billowing snow
See, I followed my heart, so I left my soul
Back in your room twenty miles ago

I’ve been a fool before, it's true
I’ve written verses for a capital U
Who put me through hell and back
I've got that track on tape, too

I’ve been a fool before, it’s true
Pining to death for some version of you
The one that I fell asleep next to
And woke me today is the one I’ll see through
Track Name: I Was Someone Back When
You tiptoed down the stairwell feeling for either wall in the dark
Stumbled into my room, now it’s time for a talk
I clocked out early from the night shift, then transpired the mischief
Broken locks, lucky ladders, spiked coffee, and they still let us walk

A year later I sat at your wedding
And I thought, man, I’m already married
To the idea that I knew you back then

So I went back for more torture once I learned four years wasn’t enough
Still avoiding the future that they told me I was
I found a voice out of faking confidence in a graduate course
I paved my path with daily platitudes, said hey I’m moving north

Two years later you passed through on vacation
Your short time was mine for the taking
I had this idea I was someone back when

We skinny dipped in your backyard
We shouted words at a dive bar
I paid some guy to put ink in my arms
Called it gravity to hold me down

But just when you think you’re grounded
You’re running circles around it
All of that restlessness keeping the oil in your gears
For the fear of the end of the stories of your best years
Well I’ve got good one right here

One day when your grandkids want stories
You'll feel stiff, but you won’t feel boring
You’ll say how you used to know someone back then

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